"Ibu masih cantik, ya!" | "You're still a looker, hey?" Outside the markets near Jl. Prawirotaman.
I spent some time talking with this woman, where she stood outside her family compound in Kali Code. Her great-grandchildren played around her feet as she told me stories of being born into the final decades of a four-hundred year Dutch occupation, living under the Japanese during the war, witnessing independence and the rise of Indonesia as a nation, and then seeing the eventual fall of Suharto and the advent of democracy. A true living history.
Dieng, from 'Di Hyang' or 'Home of the Gods', is a plateau sitting 2,000 metres above sea level near Wonosobo, Central Java. It's a remarkable town to traverse leisurely on foot, and a far cry from the humid bustle of Yogya.
As always, my quest for portraits involved much eating, chatting, and complaining about traffic in Jakarta.
The matriarch of three generations of women, all working their market stall together from sunrise to sunset. The fourth generation was passed in turns, without fuss, between them and their neighbours.
Two friends at the window by the river, in the former slum area of Kali Code.

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