Every time that I've passed down this street, every trip that I've made to Ubud, I've found him sitting in the same position in the doorway to his tiny gallery.
I've had a weakness for jackfruit ever since gudeg in Yogya.  Here, jackfruit is being grated into a huge bowl of lawar: steamed rice with a mixture of vegetables, coconut, and all kinds of spices. I stood there chatting and eating it for so long that I eventually gave in and bought a box. 
This woman was making laklak, little pancakes of rice flour and coconut milk, served with grated coconut and palm sugar syrup. I tried many.
I was quizzing this woman about all of her dried foods while she fuelled a conversation, yelled between the stalls, about how I should get myself a Balinese wife.
Hanging out at the coffee/curry stall deep inside the markets. I had accepted every free bit of food I was handed, which was everything I'd asked about, and so at this point I was awkwardly left with a coffee in one hand and a slow-boiled egg in the other.

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